Typhoon H Rental Pricing- Rent To Own 20 Months

Typhoon H

This package does not include wand or Intel Realsense

1 Week (7 days): $14.75 + Tax $1.20 = Total $15.95 (Rent To Own 80 Weeks)

1 Month (30 days): $59.00+Tax $4.75 = Total $63.75 (Rent To Own 20 Months)


 At this time we may only accept rental customers in the Phoenix Arizona area. Call or Email to schedule an appointment at our office to complete paperwork and schedule delivery.  480-540-5692   craig@renttoownadrone.com

New to drone flight? We offer flight simulator time and training at our Phoenix office or in the field.


2  Battery

1  Charger (Everything needed to charge batteries and ST16)

1  ST16 Flight Control Unit

1  16G micro SD card (For inflight picture and video storage)

1  Micro SD card adapter

1  Car charging adapter

10 Propellers

1  8G USB With  Manual And How To Videos, Training Videos Installed

1  soft case backpack for transporting

1  Flight Time Log Book

1  Pre Flight Checklist

1  Neck Strap (For ST16 Support)


Flight Time: Up to 25 min

Take Off Weight: 70oz

Battery Capacity: 5400mAh 14.8V

Max Flying Height: 400ft (FAA)

Max Climb Speed: 11.2 mph

Max Descending Speed: 6.7 mph

Max Angle Mode Speed: 30.2 mph

Landing Gear: Retractable

Max Speed Collision Avoidance ON: 11.2 mph

Control Distance Max Range 1.0 mile

Video Transmission Max Range 1.0 mile

Camera: 4G 30fps  12.4 Megapixels  14mm/F2.8 

Camera: Electronic Shutter 1/30------1/8000s